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SREO Research Program 

Fueling Innovation with Research

At SREO, research is fundamental. In 2023, we proudly launched the SREO Research Program, seeing great success. Following this, we initiated a collaborative project, inviting our founding team and enthusiastic students to join forces.

Unlocking Innovation This is Our Journey.

The SREO Research Program is a fusion of scientific research and entrepreneurship, tailored for an exclusive trio of students from an initial pool of 62 applicants. The selection journey is rigorous: out of 62 total applications, 17 candidates qualify, leading to the final three chosen participants. With an emphasis on individualized mentorship, a 1:1 mentor-to-student ratio, and a curriculum that merges research with entrepreneurship, participants benefit from hands-on experiences. Those not selected are not left behind; resources are available to support all dedicated researchers in their pursuit of knowledge.

Number of Applicants: 62

Qualified Applicants: 17

Selected Participants: 3

Summer 2023 - (07-09) <

App Development Project

At SREO, research lies at the heart of our mission, evident from our name to our commitment to creating a significant impact. As part of the SREO Research program, our team is enthusiastically collaborating on a public project geared towards addressing global sustainability challenges, aligning with the UAE's focus on sustainable solutions for the coming years. This year, we will design an app dedicated to this cause, aiming to showcase and publish our work at the end of our timeline. The project roles encompass app developers (across various programming languages), UI/UX designers, and app layout and concept management. If you're passionate about contributing to this initiative, please complete the registration form. Detailed role descriptions can be found within the form. Selected candidates will be invited for a 15-minute meeting. Join us in making a difference

Roles will be assigned based on skill.

The application period will be brief, as the team is quickly filling up.

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