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SREO Engineering Program 

Technological career pathways immersion.

The Engineering program aims to embrace technological career pathways by offering participants diverse learning tracks and advanced courses to enhance their skills beyond the norm. We prepare them for real-world situations, enabling them to compete on a global scale. Additionally, our program supports students in exploring their passions and confirming their career choices before college. We also incorporate friendly competitions for high-achieving students, allowing them to compete at an advanced level. The program spans 6 days and covers a wide range of technical skills, providing participants with a practical, hands-on, and immersive learning experience to prepare them for the challenges of the real world.

2 Years, One Incredible Journey.

In 2022, we launched the SREO Engineering Program, evolving from its predecessor, the SkillUp Program. We introduced specialized training in four key areas: Mobile Robotics, Graphic Design Technology, Mechanical Engineering Design, and Mobile Application Development. This initiative attracted 38 dedicated students, earning a remarkable 5-star rating from participants. Seventeen of these students showcased their expertise in the SkillUp Challenges. Overall, we engaged with a commendable 1200+ students. Our commitment didn't stop there; we continued this impactful program in 2023, amplifying our positive influence within the community.

Students Reached: 5692+

Participation: 64 Students

Skills Covered:
Mobile Robotics
Graphic Design Technology
Mechanical Engineering Design
Mobile Application Development


(Based on the 2023 participant survey)


SREO Empowering Program 

SREO Empowering Program 

SREO Empowering Program 

SREO Empowering Program 

SREO Empowering Program 

2nd Edition - 2023

1st Edition - 2022

Skill Up Daily, Grow Exponentially.

Mobile Application 

​Delving into app development begins with understanding its basics, followed by mastering user interface design for aesthetics. We then dive into Android app specifics, ensuring both form and function align. Central to a successful app is data management and an enhanced user experience. Lastly, testing and debugging in Android Studio ensure a seamless experience for users.

Mechanical Engineering Design (CAD)

Beginning with an introduction to CAD and sketching, the journey progresses to intricate 2D designs and constraints. We then delve into 3D modeling in Fusion, advancing to more sophisticated modeling techniques. Parametric design in Fusion 360 ensures optimization, while analysis and simulation validate our models. The final touches involve detailed drafting and documentation.

Graphic Design Technology

Graphic design commences with its foundational principles, then moves to the precision of vector graphics. Typography and color theory shape designs, while image manipulation refines visuals. Layout and composition are pivotal, with logos adding identity. Finally, the knowledge of exporting and file preparation ensures designs are ready for their intended purpose.

Mobile Robotics

Mobile robotics starts with its basic introduction, followed by diving into the specifics of EV3 robot setup. We then explore block-based programming before integrating and processing data from sensors. Advanced control mechanisms enhance navigation, while the aspect of communication promotes collaboration. Simulating these robotics through VRT offers a preview of real-world applications, and the journey culminates in a project showcase and competition, highlighting acquired skills.


In the realm of advanced videography, tools like DaVinci Resolve play a pivotal role. This powerhouse software not only streamlines the editing process but also enhances scenes with precise cuts, seamless transitions, and nuanced color grading. When utilized skillfully, Resolve transforms raw footage, ensuring each scene not only tells a story but also evokes the desired emotion, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


Entrepreneurship thrives across varied fields. Graphic Designers can launch branding studios; Mobile Robotics enthusiasts can innovate in sectors like healthcare; Mobile App developers can cater to niche needs or broader markets; Mechanical Engineering Design can lead to innovative consumer products or eco-friendly solutions; while Videographers can create specialized content for marketing or entertainment. Merging these areas, such as pairing app development with robotics, offers unique solutions in a competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

Gratitude to the Speakers for a Successful Event

Screenshot 2024-07-16 at 10.42.38 PM.png

Saif Hassan Ibrahim

Mobile Application Development - Speaker (2022, 2023)

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 5.51.44 PM.png

Moza Eisa Almazrouei

Mechanical Engineering Design (CAD) - Speaker (2022, 2023)

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at

Abdulaziz Faisal 

Videography & Mobile Robotics - Speaker (2022, 2023) 

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at

Alaa Mohamed

Graphic Design Technology - Speaker (2022, 2023) 

Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at

Mohamed Ibrahim Almaazmi

Mobile Robotics - Speaker (2023) 

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